ATWF stands for

A Tcl Web Framework


Arnulf's Tcl Web Framework

It is the start of an Implementation of the collection of ideas for a web framework to be found here: ToW Tcl on WebFreeWay

The implementation is done with itcl-ng.

apw 2010-04-02 I have implemented the Db layer for it and it uses tdbc from kbk for connecting to/working with databases and I have reimplemented a big part of Db package of the php Zend Framework in Tcl in the last 2 weeks. Simple selects/inserts/updates/deletes are now running, but there is still a lot of work in debugging and testing that part. The syntax for using the interfaces is identical to the Zend Framework. This is mostly the model part of mvc. For generating web pages I will use Templates and subst the substify proc from jcw (this will be part of the view part of mvc).

apw 2010-04-05 I have now implemented a big part of the controller layer also by reimplementing the equivalent sources from php Zend Framework in Tcl. So now a bigger part of controller of mvc is done (needs still a lot of testing) so the missing part of mvc is the view part (to be done soon).

apw 2010-04-21 The first version of the view part is now also done. The first request using apache2 and cgi-bin (to be different in the future) is routed and executed as expected and produces a html page with data from a mysql database. There are now about 30.000 lines of Zend Framework converted to Tcl. The total number of lines of Zend Framework is about 140.000 lines and about 27.000 lines thereof are targeted to PDF handling.

apw 2010-05-09 Implementation has continued, now there are about 55.000 lines rewritten and the first web pages using apache 2.2.15 and rivet 2.0.0 are running including context switch between .html and .xml output depending on a format=... parameter. The .html respective .xml page context is generated using Templates and subst, which means there is a .html or .xml template with inserted Tcl statements and the substify proc is generating the real page to be sent to the client.

apw 2011-05-15 For the client part I have started to implement incr Tcl in Javascript, which should also get/provide access to HTML DOM parts.

Stay tuned.

ATWF is the subject of a paper Arnulf has given at Tcl 2010 see here: ATWF History (How it Started)

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