Seventeenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2010)

Basic Information

WhenOctober 11 - 15, 2010
WhereHilton Suites Chicago/Oakbrook Terrace, 10 Drury Lane,
Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, United States 60181
Email Contact[email protected]
Site ChairCyndy Lilagan
ByTcl Association
ProceedingsPrinted at the Tcl Association Press @ Lulu
Online at the Tcl Community Association



Starts 09:00

Keynote: Itcl 4 and TclOO migration (Georgios Petasis)

Session: Being Webbed

Starts 11:00

  • Tk on the iPhone/iPad via WubTk (Steve Landers and Mike Doyle)
  • A Tcl web framework converting PHP's Zend framework into Tcl (Arnulf Wiedermann)

Session: Core Internals

Starts 14:00

  • Adventures in TclOO - including a simple REST interface, an object-relational mapping engine and attaching arbitrary metadata to your scripts (Donal Fellows)
  • A Bytecode Assembler for Tcl (Ozgur Ugurlu and Kevin Kenny)
  • Cookfs, new VFS driver for standalone executables such as Starkits (Kocjan Wojciech)

Works in Progress:

Starts 16:15

  • WubTk - Tk for the Web (Steve Redler IV)
  • Tcl and E-Mail Processing - user-written mail filters for whitelists, blacklists and greylists (Clif Flynt)
  • Programmatic description of (vector) diagrams using a Tcl implementation of the PIC domain specific language (Andreas Kupries)


Session: Tcl (and the) Community

Starts 09:00

  • The yearly ActiveState Of Tcl talk, updating you on the current state of Tcl/Tk (Jeff Hobbs)
  • Tcl's GsoC 2010 Participation Summary (Andreas Kupries)

Session: Meta Programming

Starts 11:15

  • Wize - an accelerated development environment for Tk, comprising a GUI layout engine, extensions such as BLT, built in validation and code checking. (Peter McDonald)
  • Using Tcl code to build C code (to build Tcl code...) - exploiting the best of Tcl and C (Sean Woods)
  • Embedded software development on micro-controller based systems - doing the heavy lifting with Tcl/Tk (Andrew Mangogna)

Session: Tk I

Starts 14:30

  • Porting a large scale enterprise application from Tcl/Tk 8.4 to 8.5 (Prashant Thakre, Tushar Gupta)
  • Augmented Reality, Google Earth and Tcl/Tk (Steve Landers and David Roseman)
  • TkDND: a cross-platform drag'n'drop package (Georgios Petasis)

Session: Mixed Bag

Starts 16:15

  • Ellogon, a natural language processing Tcl extension, and the challenge of threads (Georgios Petasis)
  • Tcl Milter (Clif Flynt)
  • CRIMP (Andreas Kupries)


Session: Tk II

Starts 09:00

  • Enhanced Tcl/Tk Widgets for EDA applications (Gaurav Bansal, Roshni Lalwani)
  • The State Controller Pattern for GUI applications (Will Duquette)
  • Themed Tk on popular GUI Toolkits - TileQt and TileGtk: current status (Georgios Petasis)

Session: Tk III

Starts 11:15

  • Guidelines for improved automated regressions flow using Tcl/Tk - a case-study (Madhur Bhatia)
  • TkGecko (Georgios Petasis)
  • The evolution of Eagle, Tcl on the Common Language Runtime (CLR) (Joe Mistachkin)


Aug 01, 2010Abstracts and proposals dueOK
Aug 15, 2010Notification to authorsOK
Sept 27, 2010Hotel rooms released to general public.
Rooms may become unavailable.
Sept 30, 2010Drury Lane Dinner Theater Reservations Due.
Please make reservation and payment at time of registration.
Oct 01, 2010Author materials dueOK
Oct 11, 2010Tutorials startOK
Oct 13, 2010Conference startsOK
Oct 13, 2010Drury Lane Dinner Theater Payments Due OK
Oct 13, 2010FermiLab Tour Signup OK


AK: Conference and Tour Of FermiLab . If you have any complaints or you don't want a photo be published, contact [email protected]

tkosiak: I have uploaded my photos from the conference, in original resolution, easy to fetch with Google Picasa. For any complaints contact tkosiak at gmail dot com

AMG: I have a complaint! I'm not in any of the photos. Probably that's because I wasn't able to attend, but that's what I'm complaining about! Next year, next year...

DKF: Well know what they say: Be there or be somewhere else…