AndroWish On Genymotion

Superlinux has Genymotion installed on his computer. Genymotion takes real Intel based Andorid ROMs and run them using Virtual Box. Virtual Box is a program that runs another whole operating system as if it's a program within the operating system that a computer boots from everyday. So this way different Android versions can be emulated and tested. The following table shows Superlinux's tests on Genymotion.

Device nameAndroid VersionAPI numberScreen sizeNotes
WSVGA 7.0 inch Tablet4.1.1161024x600Does not work. see adb logcat: E/libEGL ( 1406): called unimplemented OpenGL ES API
Xperia S2.3.710720x1280 Works but could not hear sound with borg speak command
Xperia S4.1.016720x1280
Xperia Z4.3181080x1920