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Where can I find network code involving TCL and SSL. Not necessarily TCL with HTTPS. [email protected]

schlenk Look at tls, basically it is just changing socket to tls::socket in the code.


(I would delete this - there is a page on TLS, and make sure that the word 'SSL' appears in the tls page. There is no virtue in having two places which catch 'ssl' or 'tls' in search, when one is merely a link. CMcC)

2004/10/21 GPS

Is it possible to create a graphical representation of a mesh network? I'm trying but i cant create lines from different pairs of nodes. e.g. if i have 4 nodes. i can connect 1-2-3-4 but cant connect 1-2 1-4 2-3 . pls advise. thanks.

* Barry Skidmore * Yes, actually it is very well defined in 'Tcl and the Tk Toolkit' by Ousterhout. I would provide source code for you, but it is proprietary and my company owns it. I can tell you, I got my reference from page 213, and page 214 example 19-2. Should be easy enough to look up.

(This shows that you should not be refactoring things without knowing something about the subject matter. The kind of 'network' referenced here is not a communications network, but rather a graph. This should be moved to something pertaining to graphs, and the 'network' catchphrase added. CMcC)

(This page becomes empty CMcC)