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Problems with CRCs

I'm having problems with CRCs. I have tried the tcclib 1.5 crc32 as well as the Trf method. Both barf when I try to generate a CRC from a file which starts with two dashes. When it hits one of those files, it tries to interpret the text as parameters to the crc-zlib call.

 set chunkHandle [open "$fname" r]
 set chunkData [read $chunkHandle]
 close $chunkHandle
 set chk [crc-zlib $chunkData]
 set crc [hex -mode encode -- $chk]

 crc-zlib: wrong # args, all options require an argument while executing
 "crc-zlib $chunkData"

Arrival_notification.exw is Euphoria source code and starts with the line "--with trace" (which, for those in the know, means that the "with trace" command has been commented out.)

Thanks, Bruce BMA

AK: Trf accepts the '--' option to terminate option processing. So [crc-zlib -- $chunkData] should work.

(What does the above have to do with Regular Expressions, FPX wonders?)

Peter Newman 30 October 2004: Absolutely nothing. But I didn't put it here, and I haven't got around to shifting it yet. You can do this if you want.