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  • Tclx - for_file
  • Tclx - ctoken


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Tclx - for_file


When I am using "for_file" in windows version TCL/TK then I am getting error like invalid command name "for_file" while executing for_file std_msg c:/Tool/iisver {break}

Is for_file command is not exist in windows version, if so, then what's the best way to use in windows instead of for_file ?

lv for_file is a part of tclx. Make certain you have downloaded and installed that extension, and that your application includes a line such as

 package require Tclx

before you use for_file.

RS: If you can't get TclX, see the for_file page.

Tclx - ctoken


And another question is related to "ctoken". ctoken in windows version tcl/tk not working why? Is there any another method replacing this in windows version tcl/tk?

Could you kindly suggest me.

lv ctoken is a part of tclx, not of tcl. After you do a package require Tclx ; does that help any?