Applications in Tcl and Tcl/Tk -- Old

This page is a (definitely incomplete) list of applications which have dead links, or have not been developed since Tcl 7.6.

Anyone who still uses or cares about any of these is welcome to provide updated information in some appropriate (or new) page and then remove the reference from here.

Chat and Instant Messaging

  • Privaria Secure Networking Suite  -- dead link


  • tkISP - front end for PPP dialer - not there

Database and CMS


Desktop Environments and Managers

  • COSH COM shell for WindowsNT --- dead link

  • Operator
 What: Operator
 Description: A beta version of a Tk based files and applications manager.
        Based on Tcl 7.3/Tk 3.6.
 Updated: 10/1998
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Erez Strauss)
 What: TkFM
 Where: (dead link)
 Description: File manager written in Tcl/Tk, allowing easy file type
 associations to multiple applications.  Latest version v1.0.2.
 Updated: 07/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
  • TkMC
 What: TkMC
 Where:  (dead link)
 Description: MC like file manager, allowing you to browse, view, edit and
 run Tcl applications.
 Currently at version 1.3 .
 Updated: 08/2002
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]
  • X-Directory
 What: X-Directory
 Where:  (dead link)  (dead link)
 Description: Tcl/Tk based Directory/File manager.
 Contact: mailto:[email protected] (X-Directory mailing list)
 send "subscribe ml-xdirector" in body.
 mailto:[email protected] (Christoph Wilhelm)

Software Development/IDEs

  • BED (Brian's Editor) Programmers Editor   --- dead link 09/01/03; still dead 2007-01-20
  • Aged Programming Editor With Syntax Highlighting -- dead link

Science - Weather Monitoring

  • weather plugin for TiK monitors web weather reports -- dead link

Text Processing

  • XWordPad Text editor -- dead link

Text Processing

Web (browser/editor)

  • WebTK Browser and HTML editor  -- dead link

"You step in the stream, but the water has moved on. This page is not here."

  • WebHand HTML WISIWIG editor (HTML is never WYSIWYG) --- dead link 8/23/02

Web (servers)

  • VelociGen for Tcl Commercial web server plug-in providing Tcl Server Pages and high performance  -- dead 2007-01-19
         Google turns up lots of old articles on Binary Evolution Inc's VelociGen, but the product itself and the company seem to be gone.
  • Vignette Storyserver Commercial web application
        The Vignette company is still here, and looks very successful.  Alas, Storyserver seems to be gone.