Argument expansion

TIP #157 , Argument expansion with Leading {expand}, followed by TIP #293 , Argument expansion with Leading {*}, led to the introduction of the {*} syntax in Tcl version 8.5. TIP #144 was subsequently withdrawn.

Voting results:

Message-id:     <[email protected]>
To:             [email protected]
Date:           Mon, 20 Oct 2003 13:20:35 -0400
Subject:        [TCLCORE] VOTE RESULTS: TIPs #156 and #157

The deadline for voting on TIPs #156 and #157 is now past.

Ballots received are listed below; to verify each ballot,
one can view the URL:
where N is the message number.

Member      Message    156     157(8.5)  157(9.0)
DeJong      6256062    PRESENT NO        YES
Fellows     6256063    YES     NO        PRESENT
Harrison    ------------- absent --------------
Hipp        6284469    YES     YES       YES
Hobbs       6241531    (*)     NO        NO
Howlett     6282872    PRESENT NO        NO
Ingham      6274059    PRESENT YES       YES
Kenny       6241529    YES     YES       YES
Kupries     6284468    YES     YES       YES
Lehenbauer  ------------- absent --------------
McLennan    6273145    PRESENT YES       YES(**)
Nijtmans    6288994    YES     YES       YES
Ousterhout  6241533    (*)     YES       YES
Porter      6281712    YES     YES       YES
Welch       ------------- absent --------------

(*) denotes a ballot received that did not include a vote for
    the given TIP.  PRESENT is assumed.
(**) Poster did not explicitly cast 8.5 and 9.0 ballots, but
     intent was abundantly clear from the discussion.

   TIP #156: 6 YES, 0 NO, 6 PRESENT
   TIP #157 (8.5): 8 YES, 4 NO
   TIP #157 (9.0): 9 YES, 2 NO, 1 PRESENT

TIP #156 passes.
TIP #157 passes for implementation in 8.5.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parties for their
patience in dealing with the highly contentious TIP #157.  It is
without doubt a compromise that fits nobody's ideal. (Alas, the
essence of compromise is that everyone comes out a little bit
dissatisfied.) I hope that, now that the vote is past, we can put
the differences behind us and move forward to implementing it.