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q3cpma 2021-03-27:

Here's a little module to create and update Atom feeds using tDOM that I made to use in two of my projects: mangadex-tools and haggle . Except a little ternary helper I left in, it is standalone.

# Simple Atom reading/writing, exported procs:
#          create, read, add_entry, write
package require tdom

# Ternary
proc ? {test a {b ""}} {
    tailcall if $test [list subst $a] [list subst $b]

namespace eval atom {
    namespace export create read read_or_create add_entry write
    namespace ensemble create

    variable xmlns

    proc timestamp {} {
        clock format [clock seconds] -format %Y-%m-%dT%XZ -timezone :UTC

    # nodespec: {tag ?text? ?attrname attrval...?}
    # Use {tag {} attrname attrval...} if you want an attribute but no text
    proc node {doc nodespec} {
        variable xmlns

        set attrs [lassign $nodespec tag text]
        set node [$doc createElementNS $xmlns $tag]
        if {$text ne ""} {
            $node appendChild [$doc createTextNode $text]
        if {$attrs ne ""} {
            $node setAttribute {*}$attrs
        return $node

    # args: node's nodespec
    proc add {doc node args} {
        $node appendChild [node $doc $args]

    # Wrapper around domNode selectNodes
    proc select_nodes {doc args} {
        variable xmlns
        [$doc documentElement] selectNodes -namespaces [list atom $xmlns] \

    # Ignore id for local feeds (a file:// URI will be used)
    proc create {path title {id {}}} {
        variable xmlns

        set path [file normalize $path]
        set atom [dict create path $path entry_count 0 modified 1]
        set doc [dom createDocumentNS $xmlns feed]
        dict set atom xml $doc
        set root [$doc documentElement]
        add $doc $root title $title
        add $doc $root id [? {$id ne ""} {$id} {file://$path}]
        add $doc $root updated [timestamp]
        return $atom

    proc read {path} {
        set atom [dict create path [file normalize $path] modified 0]
        set chan [open $path]
        set doc [dom parse [read $chan]]
        close $chan
        dict set atom xml $doc
        dict set atom entry_count [llength [select_nodes $doc //atom:entry]]
        return $atom

    proc read_or_create {path title} {
        if {[file exists $path]} {
            read $path
        } else {
            set ret [create $path $title]
            atom write $ret
            return $ret

    proc write {atom} {
        if {[dict get $atom modified]} {
            set chan [open [dict get $atom path] w]
            puts $chan [[dict get $atom xml] asXML -indent 2]
            close $chan

    # Add an entry to the feed in the _atom variable
    # args is a dictionary containing the optional values for keys id, content
    # and link; no id means local feed, thus a unique URI based on feed path
    # and entry count will be used
    proc add_entry {_atom title args} {
        upvar $_atom atom

        set doc [dict get $atom xml]
        set id [if {[dict exists $args id]} { \
                    dict get $args id \
                } else { \
                    string cat "file://[dict get $atom path]#[dict get $atom entry_count]" \
        set timestamp [timestamp]

        set entry [node $doc entry]
        add $doc $entry title $title
        add $doc $entry id $id
        add $doc $entry updated $timestamp
        if {[dict exists $args content]} {
            add $doc $entry content [dict get $args content] type html
        if {[dict exists $args link]} {
            add $doc $entry link {} href [dict get $args link]

        [$doc documentElement] appendChild $entry

        dict incr atom entry_count
        dict set atom modified 1
        [select_nodes $doc //atom:feed/atom:updated/text()] nodeValue $timestamp

An example:

source atom.tcl

set feed [atom read_or_create atom.xml "My blog"]
atom add_entry feed "Article 1" \
        content "Content of article 1" \
        link "" \
        id   ""
atom write $feed