Holger Ewert / Germany

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Tcl is since 1998 my favorite programming language and I use(d) it with different operating systems: Windows, HPUX, Solaris and some Linux distributions. Today it is mainly Win10, RHEL and Manjaro.

Tcl works for me for my day job and also for private projects. Currently I don't use ready compiled Tcl. I compile it by myself, with the packages I need, to assure that the Tcl installation is not the reason why one of my scripts/programs is not running.

I post no code. Only text. Try/feel free to use it as code but don't blame me, if it doesn't work or something goes wrong.

If you (or someone else) think it is code and you (or someone else) think you need a license, take the license.terms which comes with tcl.

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Latest version of my discussion with pooryorick aka PYK, were it looks I was able to restore my writings can be found at Poor Yorick Revision 542 . I deleted all my comments from that page on 2022-04-20. I offer the link because the remaining possibly makes no sense for a reader. Reason for that step was that pooryorick can't accept my writing unchanged.

To PYK: I don't accept any change of this page by you. I will also not accept any changes of my text or code, I provided to this wiki, by you. Respect this!