Audio Webcast from the Tcl Conference

Reinhard Max - Oct 12, 2004

You can tune in with any player than can play ogg/vorbis streams that come in via HTTP.

This includes:

  • Kroc's basic snack stream player (Requires snack, ActiveTcl is usable as foundation as well).
  • SnackAmp (Tcl/Tk music player for linux/solaris, windows)
  • Winamp (media player for Windows)
  • xmms (audio player for Linux)
  • ogg123 (command line Ogg player for Linux)
  • MPlayer (command line media player for Linux)
  • RealPlayer (media player for Linux and Windows)
  • iTunes/QuickTime (media player for Mac OS X and Windows) with ogg codec [L1 ]

Stream URLs

The show is over, so the URLs of the live streams and the test stream have been removed

All listeners are invited to log into the Tcl'ers Chat for coordination and for asking questions to the speakers at the conference. There will be people in the conference room who are logged into the chat and can proxy between remote listeners and the speaker.

If you want to watch the slides while listening to the audio, look at the Conference Slides Page.

Show yourself on People Listening to the Eleventh Annual Tcl/Tk Conference

A frameset containing the pictures from the webcam, the audio stream, and the Tcl Chatroom can be found here [L2 ] and here [L3 ]. - Thanks to David Zolli for setting it up.

PT - You can use this Polling web images with Tk to view the image feed in a Tk window.

sheila, 10 Oct 2004: Will audio files be archived?

rmax: Yes, we will archive them at several places for redundancy and plan to make them available after the conference. So please don't open a second stream to run your own archive, as the number of slots for listeners on the servers is limited.

ak: Just did a recording of the testloop for 15 minutes as a yard stick. That was 3.75 megs. With 7 hour-days the 3 days come in at a bit less than half a CD (314.67 MB). And even recording through the 1 hour noon-break just brings us to ca. 356 MB. Still manageable.

sheila: thanks guys. Perhaps someone can seed a bit torrent? Once I get home I can start my torrent client and leave it running.

sheila, 18 Oct 1004: Where are the audio files archived? Will they be included on the CD of conference proceedings? How does one purchase a CD?

AMG: 1004? Does someone have a bit of a Y2K problem?


  • to SuSE for sponsoring part of Reinhard Max's time for setting up and running this,
  • to Jacob Levy and the other owners of for sponsoring bandwith,
  • to ActiveState for sponsoring bandwidth,
  • and to Steve Redler IV for providing the hardware that sends the upstream from the conference hotel.