BOOK Interactive Web Applications With Tcl/Tk


Authors: Michael Doyle and Hattie Schroeder

Publisher: AP Professional

Publication date: February 1998

ISBN: 0122215400

Pages: 600

Price: 39.95 US

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Paperback with CD-ROM.

From the book’s back cover:

“Interactive Web Applications with Tcl/Tk introduces Tck/Tk as an Internet programming language. Even if you have little or no programming experience, you will be able to design your own Web applications using the resources included in this book and on the CD-ROM. This book both teaches the Tcl/Tk scripting language and provides you with all of the tools to build and test your own Tcl/Tk Web applets and stand-alone Internet applications, including information on the latest releases of Tcl/Tk and the Tcl Web browser plug-in.

“Along with an easy-to-understand introduction to Tcl/Tk, Interactive Web Applications with Tcl/Tk provides step-by-step examples to create applets that can be immediately embedded into your own Web pages; including applets that exploit the power of the hot new security policy technology included in the latest release of the Tcl Plug-in from Sun Microsystems. The book also gives you an overview of how to sign Tcl/Tk Web applets with Pretty Good Privacy® digital signatures. Using Pretty Good Privacy enables you to incorporate powerful capabilities into your Web applets and to distribute them safely over the Web.

“You will also learn how to create your own sophisticated stand-alone Internet applications using pure Tcl/Tk. These include Web browsers, Web servers, autonomous agents, client/server databases, browser-pull, and server-push applications. The book equips you to easily modify and enhance these powerful demo programs for use in your own Web applications.

“The CD includes the latest releases of Tcl/Tk and the Spynergy® Toolkit, a collection of Tcl/Tk procedures you can use for your own projects. The Spynergy Toolkit gives your applications powerful abilities such as HTML rendering and browsing, creating and managing databases, client/server computing, Web information retrieval, cross-platform file manipulation, and distributed processing. You receive complete instruction on how to use the Spynergy Toolkit to build a Tcl/Tk database, a Tcl/Tk Web browser, a Tcl/Tk Web server, and other advanced Internet applications.

“All of the examples in the book will run identically, without modification, on Windows® 95, Windows® NT, Windows® 3.1, and UNIX® operating systems.

“Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate”

MDD: This book is currently out of print, though you can still get used copies at I may get time to do an updated edition sometime in 2003-4. The examples should work on all versions of Tcl/Tk, going back to 7.6/4.2, with few, if any, modifications.