Michael Doyle

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Home site: http://www.doyles.com/mike

  • Chairman of Eolas, CEO of Iomas Research LLC
  • MDD in discussions.
  • Co-author of BOOK Interactive Web Applications with Tcl/Tk.
  • Creator of the first open-linking hypermedia navigator and imagemap system [L1 ]
  • Leader of the team that invented the Web plug-in/applet application platform in 1993: [L2 ] and [L3 ]
  • Inventor of Transient-Key Cryptography [L4 ], which provides cryptographic data integrity certification [L5 ], without the need for a third-party certificate authority
  • Chief Architect for the Visible Embryo Project [L6 ], a Tcl-based virtual collaboratory for biomedical researchers.
  • Adjunct Professor, George Mason University, School of Computational Sciences [L7 ]. Adjunct Professor, Computer Science, DePaul University of Chicago [L8 ]
  • In search of: "The Mystical Power of Knowledge Mastery" [L9 ].
  • Subject of "The True Believer" [L10 ]. Tcl just doesn't get mentioned often enough in the same breath as Saddam Hussein, $10 billion, environmental havoc, and so on.
  • Victor, over Microsoft, in a summer 2003 trial that produced the second largest patent infringement verdict in history [L11 ]
  • Happy that Microsoft finally licensed the browser patent in 2007, settling the lawsuit. [L12 ]

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