BOOK MultiAgent Systems

Author: Michael Wooldridge

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Publication Date: 2002

ISBN: 047149691X

Pages: ~340


NEM A good introduction to Intelligent Agents and multi-agent systems, including a favourable mention of Tcl and Agent Tcl as a good way of developing mobile agents (i.e., that can be sent across the internet).

NEM 2009-08-04: The second edition of this book has been published in 2009 [L1 ]. The brief (1 page) discussion of D'Agents (formerly Agent Tcl) remains, and is still largely favourable:

"In summary, Tcl and Tk provide a rich environment for building language-based applications, particularly GUI-based ones. But they are not/were not intended as agent programming environments. The core primitives may be used for building agent programming environments - the source code is free, stable, well designed, and easily modified. The Agent Tcl framework is one attempt to do this."