COMPANY: Raytheon

TFW At our organization, we use Tcl/Tk to build graphical interfaces to interact with radar and electronic warfare systems. We generally create custom C libraries to interact with the hardware and use Tcl/Tk as the "glue" to bind the user interfaces to the libaries. We also use Itcl to create reusable components (e.g. loggers, consoles, editors) to allows us to rapidly create new applications. We also deliver these applications to our customers.

We have found that Tcl/Tk is perfect for our uses, the Tcl interpreter is very robust, the event loop provides the functionality of a threaded application without the headache, and the ease with which we can create cross-platform libraries and applications gives us the flexability we need to meet our customer's needs.

Art Morel My department , Electronics/SW uses Tcl for System Test equipment SW. It has been extremely handy for us. It has been used to drive national instrument devices , providing great GUI controls plus the amazing scripting capabilities for testing for a large government program.

For my Current project I have slipped in the use of Itcl and tclogl. This is my first time using both. I'll admit that Itcl has some peculiarities yet overall it is kicking butt to get my job done staying ahead of the HW developers. The current project phase is R&D heavy so requirements are being added daily and Itcl is delivering. In other projects here, I have seen teams of developers building behemoth systems that are far less useful system than what We have produced so far with Itcl.