What CTk
Where ftp://ccfadm.eeg.ccf.org/pub/ctk/
http://www.schwartzcomputer.com/tcl-tk/tcl-tk.html#Ctk (latest snapshot = 8.2)
Description This is a version of Tk which uses curses. Applications with a modern GUI-ish interface can be created for character terminals. CTk is a subset of Tk, being unable to do things like scaling canvases, selection, send, active backgrounds, etc. A version 4.2 is available at ccfadm. The version by Mr. Schwartz has been upgraded to work with Tcl 8, but does not yet support Tk 8 features. There are rpms at redhat which have been upgraded with patches to seem to work with Tk 4.2.p12/Tcl 7.4p3.
Updated 10/2009
Contact mailto:[email protected] (Martin Andrews)
mailto:[email protected] (Michael Schwartz)
mailto:[email protected] (Karl O. Pinc)

PYK 2014-10-23: Roy Keene has published a version 8.0.2801 .

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