Miscellaneous Tcl procs (Dillinger)

 What: Miscellaneous Tcl procs (Dillinger)
 Where: https://web.archive.org/web/20050414182557/http://zork.net/~phil/projects.html
 Description: A variety of extensions are available, such as an interface
        between Tcl and GTk+, a Samba extension (Windows networking),
        an ODBC like extension called MODDBC (allows you to connect to
        Postgres, Sybase, MS SQL Server, and mSQL databases),
        MODrl (readline extension),
        MODcit (tcl Citadel with telnet-able and web interfaces),
        MODform (generic CGI form processor), MODPkg (replaces tclPkgUnknown
        to permit downloading packages from the Internet using digital
        signatures for authentication), tclLDAP (for accessing lightweight
        directory services), CTk (Curses extension compatible with Tcl 8),
        network based GIS package allowing access to many different data
 Updated: 08/1999
 Contact: mailto:[email protected]

peterc 2008-10-17: Above link appears dead.

AMG: Indeed. archive.org to the rescue! I have updated the link. Plus, here's a local copy of the page text, with embedded links into archive.org:

A Samba tcl extention for doing SMB and NMB (Windows networking) within tcl. Here is a gzipped tar file [L1 ]. This is based on samba 1.9.18pl10. I developed it on tcl 8.0p2, so there may be problems with other tcl versions, especially pre-8.0 versions, but maybe not. Please tell me if you are using this, and of any problems that you have. I have made an update to this package, version 2.0, and it now supports writing to smb shares as well as sporting a new channel interface. The old version is here [L2 ]

MODDBC, an ODBC-like tcl extension. With MODDBC, you can use one set of commands to connect to Postgres, Sybase, MS SQL Server, and mSQL databases. Here is a gzipped tar file [L3 ]. I developed it on tcl 8.0p2, so there may be problems with pre-8.0 tcl versions.

MODrl, a readline extension for tcl. Here's the source! [L4 ]. This extension also includes a tclsh that is readline-capable.

MODform, a generic cgi form processor. Here's the source! [L5 ] I'm sorry, but no docs yet :(.

MODPkg, a replacement for the tclPkgUnknown command that implements downloading packages off of the Internet and authenticating them with digital signatures. This also includes the tclarchive package which is a way to package files in an archive. It doesn't work for binary files right now, and I don't know why. It seems like fconfiguring the channel in binary mode doesn't work. So, here's the source! [L6 ] I haven't written any documentation for this yet, but the samples directory contains some examples on how to use this.

tclLDAP, an interface to LDAP in tcl. This code is originally from Tony Murray, and I just added support for the library to be shared, and to be a tcl package. Also, I changed the syntax for LDAP commands, and bumped the version to 3.0. Here is the source! [L7 ]

CTk, "Curses Tk". This code is originally Martin Andrews' and I have just ported it to tcl8.0. The source is here [L8 ].

A network-based GIS package to allow consistent access to many geographic info types. eg. TIGER, GNIS, DEM, etc. Also, C, OCaml, and TCL/TK libraries for accessing these files. Look at this [L9 ]

  • From above: "Curses extension compatible with Tcl 8". See CTk.

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