Captioning Photo Image under Pixane Example

Captioning Photo Image under Pixane Example

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goldStarted roughly 2011-05-30. Here is an eTCL script captioning photo image under pixane. This script was largely derived from posting of Eric Hassold on comp.lang.tcl with permission.

In planning any software, there is a need to develop testcases.

Testcase 1.

  Bird picture.
photo size of bird.jpg 12 kb


Appendix TCL programs and scripts

* Pretty Print Version

        # Pretty print version from autoindent
        # and ased editor
        # program of image captioning under pixane
        # written on Windows XP on eTCL
        # working under TCL version 8.5.6 and eTCL 1.0.1
        # gold on TCL WIKI , 25may2011
        package require Tk
        package require pixane
        console show
        global targetpix photox
        proc jackpix {} {
            global targetpix photox p
            set fin [file join [file dirname [info script]] bird25.jpg]
            set fout [file rootname $fin]_new[file extension $fin]
            set caption "bird of yore"
            set p [pixane create]
            pixane load $p -file $fin
            set widthsource [pixane width $p]
            set heightsource [pixane height $p]
            set heightvirtual2 [expr {$heightsource+32}]
            pixane resize $p $widthsource $heightvirtual2
            pixane color $p "\#C0C0F0"
            pixane rect $p 0 $heightsource $widthsource $heightvirtual2
            pixane color $p "\#101020"
            set font [pixfont create -builtin "sansserif"]
            pixane text $p [expr {$widthsource/2}] [expr {$heightvirtual2-($heightvirtual2-$heightsource)/4}] \
                    -font $font -size 20 \
                    -align center -valign baseline \
                    -text $caption
            pixane save $p -file $fout -format jpg
        global p
        set tkpicturex [pixcopy $p]
        wm title . "Captioning Photo Image under Pixane "
        pack [canvas .c -width 400 -height 400 -background grey]
        proc moveobject {object x y} {
            .c coords $object [expr $x-25] [expr $y-25] [expr $x+25] [expr $y+25]
        proc moveobject2 {object x y} {
            .c coords $object [expr $x-25] [expr $y-25]
        set egg [.c create oval 75 75 100 100 -fill bisque]
        set bird [ .c create image 200 200  -image $tkpicturex ]
        .c bind $egg <B1-Motion>  {moveobject $egg %x %y}
        .c bind $bird <B1-Motion>  {moveobject2 $bird %x %y}
        grid .c -row 0 -column 0
        wm title . " Captioning Photo Image under Pixane Example "

Code scraps, timing statements

        puts " loading [time {pixane load $p -file $fin} ]"   

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