"Android is the only open source testing tool for GUI programs" (but see also xautomation ).

What: Android
Where: [Unable to access, 2009-May-20]
Description: Android is a Tcl/Tk application which for recording and playing back scripts of X11 event commands, using the XTest extension. It can be used to automate driving X11 based applications (by use of the vnc%|%vncserver], you could even drive programs on other platforms).
It works as a sort of Expect for GUIs.
Currently at version 0.99.9 .
Updated: 09/2004
Contact: mailto:[email protected] (Larry Smith)

And now, for something totally different, see Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project for information about Google's open source phone project. Tcl/Tk is working on that platform, too, see AndroWish and AndroWish: Devices for details.

Other pointers are available at [L1 ].

escargo 30 Jul 2003 - The wildopensource URLs are apparently intermittent.

Larry Smith Wild Open Source recently changed servers. The new IP address is still being propogated through DNS, but the given urls are correct and should work.

With persistence I was eventually able to get the source. Still, I want to know: Are there any mirror sites for Android?

Larry Smith No.

(Thanks to lv for checking the problem I was having.)

lv i don't know of any mirrors - few tcl packages have mirrors available.

TkXext, TKReplay, and Hemang Lavana's rarely-maintained RecordnPlayTclTk [L2 ] have some of Android's capabilities.

See also VNC.

Just putting the words "Java Robot class" here. I was looking for a tcl extension with the ability to send window events to other applications to replace some functionality provided by this java class. Maybe others will stumble upon this a little easier.

DC - 21 May 2009 - Does anyone have the code anymore? If someone will send it to me, I'll host a mirror. In fact, I'll start hosting a mirror for all lost Tcl/Tk packages.

JB Here : [L3 ]