Changes in Tcl/Tk 7.6/4.2

Released October 16, 1996

New Tk commands

New Tcl subcommands

  • file copy
  • file delete
  • file mkdir
  • file rename

New Tk subcommands

Expanded syntax/new options

grid bbox master column row ==> grid bbox master ?column row? ?column2 row2?

grid columnconfigure ?... -pad ...?

grid rowconfigure ?... -pad ...?

New Tcl global variables

  • tcl_pkgPath
  • tcl_rcRsrcName

New Tk virtual events

  • <<Clear>>
  • <<Copy>>
  • <<Cut>>
  • <<Paste>>

Changed behavior

The default package unknown command now searches two directory levels below the directories in $auto_path, not just one.

On Windows, tclsh sets tcl_rcFileName to ~/tclshrc.tcl instead of ~/.tclshrc .

grid forget has similar semantics to pack forget.

auto_execok returns a list of arguments suitable for passing to exec, not simply 0 or 1.

Donald Porter