Grid is one of several Geometry Managers. Some others are pack and place. Those interested in grid may also want to have a look at GRIDPLUS2.


grid computing

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simplified grid


official reference
Book Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk, Fourth Edition
contains an excellent introduction to [grid]


grid slave ?slave ...? ?options?
grid bbox master ?column row? ?column2 row2?
grid columnconfigure master index ?-option value...?
grid configure slave ?slave ...? ?options?
grid forget slave ?slave ...?
grid info slave
grid location master x y
grid propagate master ?boolean?
grid remove slave ?slave ...?
grid rowconfigure master index ?-option value...?
grid size master
grid slaves master ?-option value?


Grid is excellent for many kinds of common GUI forms because it arranges widgets in nice rows and columns, and handles resizing quite nicely.

If the first argument to grid is suitable as the first slave argument to grid configure, either a window name (i.e., a value starting with “.”) or one of the characters “x” or “^” (see the "RELATIVE PLACEMENT " section in the manual page), then the command is processed in the same way as grid configure.


A little spreadsheet

Basic Example

A simple example is a panel with just a few labels and entries.

package require Tk

foreach field {Name Address City State Phone} {
    #  Create a couple of widgets
    set l [label .lab$field -text $field]
    set e [entry .ent$field -justify right ]
    #  Assign both to a row in the grid
    grid $l $e -padx 4 -pady 4
    #  Then adjust how they appear
    grid $l -sticky e
    grid $e -sticky ew

# X-resize is done by the entry column
grid columnconfigure . 1 -weight 1

#  Y-resize should be at the bottom...
set lastrow [lindex [grid size .] 1]
grid rowconfigure . [expr $lastrow - 1] -weight 1

Using [pack] and [grid] Together

(add some detail here about why and how [pack] and [grid] might be used together


Tcl/Tk 8.5 vs iwidget 4.0.2 , comp.lang.tcl ,2008-08-18 , describes how a change between Tk 8.4 and 8.5 causes code which depends on the grid default behavior may need to be modified. The specific example is the iwidgets disjointlistbox, but other code may find the same issue.