Changes in Tcl/Tk 9.0

(as of the releases of Tcl/Tk 9.0b2) (page needs more development)

Tcl Changes

New Numeric Syntax

  • 0NNNN gets decimal interpretation, not octal
  • 0dNNNN forces decimal interpretation
  • NN_NNN_NNN, underscores allowed in numbers for digit grouping

Changes to Tcl Commands

New Commands

New Subcommands

Expanded Syntax / New Options

Changes to Tcl variables

New encodings

  • utf-16, utf-16le, utf-16be
  • ucs-2, ucs-2le, ucs2be
  • CESU-8

Removed encoding

Changed Tcl behavior

  • source defaults to encoding utf-8
  • Unqualified varnames resolved in current namespace
  • Invalid encoding during I/O raises error by default
  • Pathnames no longer interpret ~ as home directory

Tk Changes

Changes to Tk Commands

New Subcommands

Expanded Syntax / New Options

Changed Tk behavior

  • Scaling-aware widgets and themes with SVG support
  • Improved support of two-finger gestures

Changes to Bundled Packages

New packages

  • cookiejar 0.2.0
  • tcl::idna 1.0.1

Updated packages