Chatroom wisdom

Arjen Markus This page is intended to collect a few of the wise cracks, jokes and general evidence of wisdom among the regular and not-so-regular visitors of the Tcl Chatroom.

AM For starters, here are a few observations I came up with in July 2002 during a rather stressful day:

Postulates on software engineering:

Postulate 1:

   Old programming languages do not die.

   Motivation: the announcement of COBOL for Linux and .net (july 2002)

Postulate 2:

   If you solve a bug and you do not understand why the solution solves it,
   then it will reincarnate.

Corrolary 2.1 (Miguel Sofer)

   The reincarnated bug will bite even harder.

Postulate 3:

   There exists a Heisenberg-type uncertainty relation between software
   quality and the marketing volume

AM (10 september 2008) While this has little to do with Tcl - so far at least - the Tcl chatroom citizens gathered around this site today - . Luckily the information comes with a warranty (check the page's source code).

AM (14 june 2012) Let us not lose this one, brought to the chatroom by jima: Tcl in the Middle Ages

Kaitzschu (17 May 2013) Unfortunately, page was deleted . But there is a backup