Arjen Markus

Just a short description of my professional activities and background (I felt obliged having participated on the newsgroup and the Wiki after several months):

  • By education I am a physical engineer (a title not well known in Anglosaxon countries, but that is the translation from the Dutch).
  • I have been working at WL | Delft Hydraulics for a good many years now, first as a project engineer working on water quality modelling, later on as a computer scientist (well, sort of), working on user-interfaces and tools for our consulting activities.
  • I "discovered" Tcl/Tk when reading a famous book by Boris Beizer (BOOK Software Testing Techniques), and later on my attention was drawn to it again in connection to a testing tool (automated GUI testing). It was simply the tool I had been looking for. For all kinds of purposes: testing, manipulating files, boring stuff that I used to do with UNIX shell scripts or DOS batch files and so on.
  • My interests: FORTRAN as a computational language, Tcl as a language for almost anything else and even a bit of numerics if I can manage it, testing techniques (although I should listen to my own advocacy at times :-).

Email: Arjen dot Markus At deltares dot nl

I have written several papers relating to Tcl:

  • "Generating test programs using TestMake" - presented at the Second European Tcl/Tk User Meeting
  • "Doing mathematics with Tcl" - presented at the Third European Tcl/Tk User Meeting
  • "Combining FORTRAN and scripting languages" - published in the ACM FORTRAN Forum [L1 ], Volume 21, Number 3, December 2002.
  • "Creative use of the text widget" - presented at the Fourth European Tcl/Tk User Meeting

Current mega pet project: The young programmers' project, intended to produce a booklet or book for young people or unexperienced adults to learn programming [L2 ]

Just to remind myself of the pages I have initiated (in desperate need of an update ...):

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