D. J. Hagberg

Currently a software engineer working on various projects at Sun Microsystems -- lots of Java, very very little Tcl.

Previously a a co-maintainer of Sybtcl (http://sybtcl.sf.net/ ) along with Tom Poindexter, looking for someone to hand off to. Also (re-)wrote the now-languishing ezsmtp package that was a lightweight way to send emails from Tcl. Did many in-house projects with Tcl, Expect, Tk, Sybtcl and various extensions at Global Atmospherics -- now part of Vaisala (http://www.vaisala.com/ ) -- take a look at a nearly real-time pic of lightning over the US at https://thunderstorm.vaisala.com/ . The front-end for that project is all Java, much of the back-end is a combination of C/C++/Tcl, including the Notification Services back-end.

Contact me at mailto:[email protected]