Started TCL in 2001 with Eggdrop scripts and little UNIX scripts (vhosts editor, mysql and www backup).

One of my three favorite languages, with PHP and C#.

Current TCL scripts and projects:

  • SajaxTCL, port of Sajax AJAX library
  • Pluton Scaffolding, a script to generate PHP code from a MySQL table (1)
  • Cirth, a web application to manage and track folders (I've ported Sajax for that) (2)

(1) It's in progress and I search a short name for the final version, ideas are welcome. Fully functional alpha code can be see at Well I'm updating it to build models and views (edit form/list items/view item) so I'm adding arguments parsing (scaffold <table> class clef prefix is already complicated, no way to add template before implementing a getopt alternative) (2) A french demo can be found at