Dutch Tcl Users Group

In the chat, Arjen Markus and Pascal Scheffers have decided to see who wants to attend a Dutch Tcl Users Group.


New meeting has been planned! (finally)

Date: wednesday, 15 december 2004, time: 19:30

Location: In Rotterdam, near Station Alexander

 Unitas Software 
 Schinkelsebaan 15a
 2908 LE Capelle a/d IJssel
 tel. (pascal) 06-28 66 1068
 [email protected]

Call/mail Pascal for a pickup if you come by train/bus! I need to know in advance if possible!

Bus 190 to Gouda (leaves xx.03/xx.33 from Alexander) stops on the Hoofdweg, take the first stop there and walk back a bit for Bella Beer/Schinkelse baan.

Pre meeting Diner

We will go to Bella Beer [L1 ] [L2 ]: Hoofdweg 6, Capelle ad IJssel. This is right across the road from Unitas. If you come by car, better park it in our car park.

I (Pascal) will play taxi from Rotterdam Alexander for those interested. Please be at the station before 1800 if at all possible. I will be waiting near the busses (DO NOT CROSS THE METRO RAILTRACK) in a Black Volvo v40 (83-LV-GD). Please call me if I am not there after 1800 and you want to be picked up. Please, please call/mail/whatever me today if you want to be picked up!


Put your name on the agenda if you are interested in doing a presentation.

  • 17:45-18:00 meet at Station Alexander.
  • 18:00 pre-meeting dinner; Bella Beer (see above)
  • 19:30 Welcome / Coffee / Who's who.
  • 19:45 Presentations (20 ~ 40 minutes each? Who wants a slot?)
  • [Pascal Scheffers] Introduction to Database Access With nstcl.
  • ...
  • 21:30 End of meeting.

Presentations suggestions/ideas for 15 december 2004:

  • (Idea/Request) Adding a Tk Gui to a C++ application Anyone interested in doing a presentation on this?
  • [Pascal] I can do a talk on several subjects: 1) Using SQL databases from Tcl; 2) Parsing EDIFACT messages; 3) Writing a (simple) jabber client/bot;
  • [Arjen] Perhaps a word or two on "Using Critcl to use external libraries"
  • [Arjen] Development tools such as Komodo and Inspect
  • [Jean-Claude] Could talk about Ratcl, Vlerq, and other excursions into data-/database-land

Who will join us on 15 december 2004:

  • name - yes || probably || perhaps, depends on talks - email
  • Arjen Markus - yes -
  • Pascal Scheffers - yes - Pascal-at-scheffers-dot-net
  • Schelte Bron - yes
  • Harm Olthof - yes
  • Jean-Claude Wippler - yes
  • Marcel Broeken - probably - m-dot-h-dot-broeken-at-fss-dot-uu-dot-nl
  • Peter Welten - yes
  • Ben Jobse - yes
  • Dick Cornet - yes
  • ---

First meeting: Was held on monday evening 10 Februari 2003

The location was the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, Faculty Building (entrance on the third floor - Dutch counting, go up to the 19th). Time: 19.30

This was for the first meeting, who will be at the second meeting? Add your name above... So, who will join us? Please add your email address, or send it to Pascal or Arjen, so we can keep you updated!

  • Arjen Markus
  • Pascal Scheffers - Pascal-at-scheffers-dot-net
  • Clif Flynt???
  • Jean-Claude Wippler
  • John Remijn
  • Jos Jaspers - J.Jaspers at fss.uu.nl (sorry, allready have plans for that evening)
  • Aldert Nooitgedagt - aldert-at-nooitgedagt-dot-net
  • Hilmar Nooitgedagt - hilmar-at-nooitgedagt-dot-net
  • Martin Weterings - martinweterings-at-wanadoo-dot-nl
  • Peter Welten - pwelten-at-zonnet-dot-nl

Topics, Talks and Catering

PS I am rather new at this (TUGing), so what does every one want? If enough people show up, a couple of full blown presentations would be nice. Or we could keep it simple and just chat about what we do. I'll start of a list of things I've recently Tcl-i-fied, but please add things you have done or would like to discuss.

  • Linking database applications together (Postgresql, Sybase, MS Access)
  • Fully automated, encrypted email messaging
  • Web based database applications (AOLserver)
  • Using Tcl to create network tunnels
  • Mail transformation with Tcl and qmail.
  • ...

AM Let me add the things that I use Tcl for:

  • Mathematical tools - just hobbyism I suppose, but I find Tcl to be particularly easy for that
  • Test automation - especially for the numerical models and auxiliary programs I maintain and develop professionally
  • Graphical user-interfaces - a few commercial applications where light-weight GUIs are required
  • Controlling external programs - both as part of test automation and for its own sake (catching the results, making sure all the input is there etc.)

AN An OpenACS user. As a physician, I TCL at application-level. I'll ask my brother to join, Pascal.

  • Personal homepage package OpenACS/dotLRN.

HN [L3 ] I'm the Portal Developer for Tiscali Plaza (used to be Sonera Plaza)

  • Mainly using TCL for web-development on Vignette StoryServer V5...
  • ...but I also use it for some shell-scripts (where I don't know enough about, or can't be done by sh or bash)
  • Got interested in AOLserver because it's a more flexible and ofcourse free alternative to SS
  • Would like to discuss PowerDNS and PowerMail (http://www.powerdns.com ) which have become open-source on November 25 2002.
     - PowerDNS and -Mail lets you keep your zone files (DNS) and users (mail) in a RDBMS 
       ("MySQL", Postgres, Oracle or most other) and info can be updated by a sql statement
     - There is an interface (PowerAdmin) but it is in PHP. 
       Would like to see some peoples ideas on 'porting' to TCL

JR A typical TCL user, for quite some time now. Currently using TCL for test automation. Or more exactly, i am encouraging others to use it. And being quite succesful at that :-) Related to this i am interested in the following topics:

  • Database access from Tcl (various relational databases)
  • XML, DOM
  • Coupling TCL with some of the Rational tools.

JCW - Been doodling with scripting for some 4 years, mostly Tcl. Decade of C++ before that, decade of C before that. I make my living doing consulting & development, working from home. Interests:

  • scripting and persistence: moving database technology beneath the surface - in particular Metakit/Mk4tcl
  • installation-free deployment: Tclkit, Starkits, etc - latest development is Starchive [L4 ]
  • figuring out how to make on-line/remote communities of IT professionals and novices work - wiki's etc
  • getting IT back to meaningful proportions - million-LOC apps should be given a place next to the dinosaurs
  • finding more ways to "think outside the box", member of Mission Impossible 5oftware Team, yada, yada, yada

RA2 Please publish on this wiki the presentations afterwards. There are two presentations I'd love to read:

* Idea/Request: Adding a Tk Gui to a C++ application.

* Using SQL databases from Tcl.

Please make it simple so we can all understand. Use real examples.

I'd love to attend but I don't think I could learn Dutch in time for December the 15th. :-) I wish you a lot of success!

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  • The OpenACS bboard [L6 ]