A database visualization framework designed to help with development of applications which visualize and navigate hierarchical structures in the form of nested database tables.

Two example programs have been developed, a GUI database navigation and editing tool:

and a project management tool featuring dynamically editable PERT and Gantt charts:

LV I don't know this applications, but I was curious about the idea that it was related to some form of PIM - is this just in keeping with the idea that any dababase has the potential of storing personal information, or is there something specifically oriented towards managing personal info in this package? Not a big deal - just trying to understand.

SEH 20061201 -- I think the project management application built using this package, with dynamically editable Gantt and PERT charts, qualifies as a PIM function. I'd very much like to see more PIM applications in the Tcl world, and I'm trying to catalog what's out there.