PIM: Personal Information Manager

What is a personal information manager? This is a term generally applied to applications which make it possible for one to organize the many types of data that one has in their personal life.

What kind of data? Appointments, contact names, addresses, phone numbers, IM addresses, birthdays, anniversaries, are generally the first thing thought of. However, a good PIM often goes farther - allowing one to organize their to do lists, videos to watch some day, books to be read, grocery lists, and much more.

While programs exist to manage each of these kinds of data, a full PIM makes the attempt to use the appearance of a common GUI/suite of interrelated applications, so that, in theory, it becomes easier to get data into and out of the application and thus more likely to be used.

Some of the links on this wiki to applications attempting some level of management for personal information include:

PIM also stands for Product Information Management