FastCGI (website archive ) is a language-independent protocol based on CGI. It improves performance (at the cost of isolation) by not creating a new process for every request. It competes with SCGI, which is more popular in Tcl-land.

Tcl packages

FastCGI for Tcl (C extension)

What FastCGI for Tcl
cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[email protected]:/cvsroot/tcl-fastcgi co -P tcl-fastcgi
Description A C extension for the Tcl interpreter that implement the FastCGI protocol. Works under Windows as well as *nix.
Requirements Tcl 8.3
Updated 2013-04-17
Authors Tom Poindexter, Christoph Bauer

Fcgi.tcl (pure Tcl)

What Fcgi.tcl
Description A fork of the pure Tcl implementation of FastCGI that used to be part of Tom Poindexter's project.
Requirements Tcl 8.0 for the library, 8.5 for an additions package and the tests
Updated 2024-05
Authors Tom Poindexter, D. Bohdan

tclfcgi (C extension)

What tclfcgi
Description A Tcl wrapper for the FastCGI C library.
Requirements Tcl 8.6, Critcl 3
Updated 2013-02-04
Authors Jos Decoster

tcl-xcgi (pure Tcl)

What tcl-xcgi
Description Implements CGI, FastCGI, SCGI.
Requirements Tcl 8.5?
Updated 2021-01
Authors Sean Zhang


RLH 10-18-2006: I read a couple things that indicated there is going to be a push to refine and enhance FastCGI and include it with Apache. The idea is to get away from the mod_<language> and have FastCGI give everyone a robust even playing field. We shall see. Here is a link to the info: [L1 ]

ZLM 2008-12-28: Microsoft released FastCGI extensions for IIS 6 and 7. These can be downloaded from .

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