Frank Bannon

TCL dabbler, computer scientist

my TCL web site is down (geocities host is permanently down, relocating...)


* Word-Search (2003, updated 2012) input scrambled letters, and it returns all possible English words. Solves Jumble word games, finds words and scores for Scrabble games. Very fast solutions (< 1s).

* Crossword Solver (2003, updated 2011) type in the letters you know, and this tool tells you all English words that fit.

* Boggle (2009, updated 2012) classic game of finding words in a grid of 4x4 random letters. Shows all possible words in the grid.

* Same Game (2002, updated 2013) puzzle game of removing same-type blocks

* Sink the Ship - Battleship game vs computer, with sounds and aiming hints

* a variety of simple tcl scripts to automate play in selected web browser flash games. Gather game money, resources, level-ups while away from keyboard. Uses twapi package.


* iTunes (2010) control iTunes from tclsh. Uses TCOM package. See AS TCL Recipes

* DIS-Tool (2014) new modular rewrite of DIS Monitor. TCL code is now read from modules, so bits of code can be modified in a file and read in (sourced) to update the tool while it runs. Listens to Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) traffic for simulation data, and decodes Protocol Data Unit (PDU) packets into readable format. Can save data to CSV files for later review. Displays individual entities with all pdu data decoded. Decodes common PDU types: Entity State, Fire, Detonation, Transmit, Signal, and others. Uses the UDP extension . See AS TCL Recipes

* DIS Monitor (2008) listens to Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) traffic for simulation data, and decodes PDU data to text, and decodes DIS enumerations to text from the SISO DIS reference. Decodes the PDU types: Entity State, Fire, Detonation, Transmit, Signal. Uses the UDP extension .

* URN Monitor (2008) listens to DIS traffic for Entity State PDUs, and displays all Marking fields that contain a URN. Shows what simulation entities are live/damaged/dead/moving/stale.

* PDU Generator (2008) creates DIS PDUs with your input data and sends them onto the network via UDP. Creates the PDU types: Entity State, Fire, Detonation, Transmit, Signal. Reads lists of various simulation entities (JCATS, VBS2, VRSG) to provide quick entry of known enumerations. Excellent tool to test interaction between simulations.

* Cryptotool (2005) encrypt and decrypt text using a variety of algorithms, including Caesar cipher, Vigenere, Rail-Fence, Pig-Latin, Tiny Encryption Algorithm, UUencode, Blowfish. Unfinished project.

AMG: I may have use for your DIS code, especially if it can be made to work with HLA. Is the code publicly available?

FrBa: The code will be available once my personal web site is rebuilt. I am beginning work on an HLA version as HLA is replacing DIS in most simulations. Do you work a DoD contract involving simulations?

AMG: Yes, although my current task does not involve HLA nor DIS. Even so, I would be happy to share your work with my HLA colleagues with whom I have worked closely in the recent past.