What: A GPS simulator
Description: gpsfeed+ is a software GPS simulator, a utility that feeds the PC with continuous GPS data as if it were traveling in a car or airplane. NMEA 0183 GPS sentences are sent to the application through a socket (TCP/IP) connection or a UDP message. It also outputs the same NMEA data to a serial port of the PC. Web querying is facilitated by a lightweight http server
Created: 24-Mar-2005
Updated: 14-Apr-2005

GPSFeed+ looks like this in Linux KDE, running spiral track shape.

This is another interesting track (here shape=spiral period=1, skip=50) on WindowsXP

dzach : GPSFeed+ outputs GPS NMEA 0183, to TCP/IP sockets connected to it, to UDP (multicast too) recipients and to a serial port. Any other computer connected to the serial port of the one running GPSFeed+ can receive GPS NMEA sentences. It would be nice if it could simulate an input serial port on the same computer, so that applications been tested could run on the same computer as gpsfeed+ and use a single serial port.

gpsfeed+ uses a package called carto for drawing gps tracks on geographic space (as opposed to canvas space). This package is presented in a separate page here [L1 ].

Changed the name from GPSFeed to GPSFeed+ to avoid possible conflict with the name of other products, and to gpsfeed+ (11-3-2005) for aesthetic reasons.

dzach 11-3-2005: A number of changes (now in version 0.52) besides the aesthetic name change from GPSFeed+ to gpsfeed+:

  • Configuration panel has now 10 entries.
  • Linux and Windows binaries, thanks to Tclkit
  • UDP connectivity is now possible with the TclUDP package
  • Output monitor
  • User defined NMEA sentences
  • More, here [L2 ]

And a few screenshots:

Maybe this page should change to gpsfeed+. How is this done?

This will interest many people working in GIS.

dzach 2005-4-14: gpsfeed+ v0.56 adds a lightweight http server to allow web queries, thanks to minimal tclhttpd.

dzach 2005-6-27:gpsfeed+ (v0.57 in CVS) downloads, will from now on be hosted on SourceForge at

dzach 2005-8-28: gpsfeed+ (v0.58 in CVS). License change from BSD to GPL. GUI now looks like this:

More screenshots here :