GSoC Admin: Student Pitch

If you are a student interested in getting paid to develop open source software using Tcl/Tk ( ), we encourage you to apply.

Why should you want to do this? Tcl/Tk is perhaps the most mature of the dynamic languages, dating back to 1988. The evolution of the language over the last 20 years has been marked by passionate preservation of the balance between maintaining simplicity and utility with the adoption of new ideas and new techniques based on accumulated experience.

Tcl/Tk is used in a number of prominent software systems including DejaGnu (e.g. used for testing the gcc compiler), Expect and AOLserver. The language is used by many scientific organizations including NASA as well as being used extensively in the commercial and financial sectors.

Please see Google's SoC FAQ for more information on the program. There are several good sources of advice for choosing a project to which you should apply [L1 ], expectations of student participants , how to write a compelling application , and proposing your own project .

Added incentive for students

Any project completed before the Eighteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (2011) (October 24-28, 2011, Manassas, Virginia, USA) will be accepted for presentation in the conference Technical Track.