GSoC Idea: Enhance 3-D Canvas widget

Enhance 3-D Canvas widget

Areas3D, Computer graphics, C
Good if student knowsC, OpenGL, Computer Graphics
Benefits to the student3D computer graphics development, use OpenGL, writing Tcl extension, use Fossil
Benefits to TclAn expanded lightweight 3D canvas

Project Description

Developed by D. Richard Hipp (the SQLite man), 3-D Canvas Widget is a lightweight 3D canvas relying on OpenGL. This 3D widget act as the 2D canvas widget of Tk. 3-D canvas could be enhanced, polished and provided with more demos. The availability of precompiled binary extension for main platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS) are also welcomed.

Benefit for student

Develop OpenGL extension for Tcl in C language and master 3D Computer Graphics. Learn the Fossil distributed software configuration management system.

Benefit for community

Have a lightweight and easy to use 3D canvas up to date. A good visual tool to promote Tcl-Tk.