GSoC Idea: Extending CRIMP

Extending and evolving CRIMP

Note: While this project was among the GSoC 2011 Executed Projects, this is a very open-ended idea, where each execution can build on all previous development.

Areas Image & Document Processing & Analysis, ...
Good if student knows C, Image Processing
Priority Low
Difficulty Easy to Hard
Benefits to the student ???
Benefits to the Tcl Community ???
Mentor Andreas Kupries

Project Description

CRIMP, aka "C Raster Image Manipulation Package", is a package for image processing with Tcl. While it already provides the most basic algorithms it has not much of advanced or very advanced algorithms.

Right now I recommend to mine CRIMP's tickets , and the 2010 Conference Paper about it for ideas.

The difficulty depends on the chosen idea. Adding something like the bilateral filter (which we have) should be relatively easy, whereas doing something like OCR, or barcode detection and processing will be in the higher ranges of difficulty.


  • See CRIMP for basics and further references.

Comments & Discussion

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