Andreas Kupries


I would just like to make clear, that all contributions/code that I place in this wiki are public domain. You can do with them as you will, but I do not provide any warranties or guarantees of any kind.

The main entry to my personal pages is . While there are still old pages at these are not maintained any longer (I can't get access to them anymore).

I can be reached by email at mailto:[email protected] or mailto:[email protected]

I am employed by SUSE, working on a CloudFoundry-based Platform as a Service. When HPE sold their Software division to MicroFocus our subset was thought better served to be a part of MF's SUSE subsidiary. I came to HP(E) from ActiveState when HP bought their Stackato product and team.

I am aku in the Tcl Chatroom.

Here on the wiki I often use only my initials, like so: AK (This redirects back to this page). When I do small-scale editing here, like typo corrections, etc. instead of big changes to a page's content I also use AKgnome.

The first Linux distribution I used was a Suse. Nowadays it is Debian or derived (Ubuntu). Well, actually I have started to use openSUSE too, now.

A few things I did below. The full list can be seen at

See for some extensions to ezsmtp.


A member of the Tcl Core Team.

Other stuff: