Getting Tcl/Tk

Getting Tcl/Tk

The official software page for Tcl and Tk contains links to download locations for source and binary release.

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Batteries Included
OS Distributions and Tcl Versions
Where to find old Tcl source distributions

Source Distributions

Source code distributions can be compiled and installed a variety of platforms

a Sourceforge project wich is the definitive web site for the core Tcl source distributions
a Sourceforge project which is the definitive website for the core Tk source distribution
The Tcl Core
the repository for the C implementation of Tcl,
official nightly cvs snapshots (deprecated)
GIT mirror of old CVS repositories
,by das (now stale)
Cygwin cygports scripts
Automate the task of compiling a superset of the ActiveTcl collection for use on Windows.

Binary Distributions

See Binary Distributions

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