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set bg lightyellow
. configure -bg $bg

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* Fully compatible with ttk::notebook

Keep it simple
As a ttk::notebook extension, znotebook is already quite complex

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Focus on the interactivity:

 - With respect to the tkk:notebokk API, znotebook adds just
  • tabs can be interactiveled moved.
  • tabs can be moved outside the notebook (detached tabs)
  • * detached tabs can be rejoined to their notebook
  • tabs can be interactively renamed
  • Tabs can closed with a simple click
 What I don't like


 * rejoin-button is ugly
   [ABU] Yes, I know! Currently detached tabs are embedded in a "standard" toplevel window.
   I was tempted to use some custom toplevel windows without the wm decorations, but with a pseudo title-bar where I can include the rejoin button as well as a pulldown-menu.

 * znotebook (the widget name)
   [ABU] I must admit it was a quick decisions. I hope you don't think at "z" as "the ultimate".

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3 vgrep: a visual grep vgrepSS
4 A tiny Tcl server WikiDbImage tclserve.jpg
5 A pocket Wiki WikiDbImage pwiki.jpg

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