GroupKit is a Tcl extension and application framework for developing real-time collaboration (groupware) applications.

GroupKit has been around since about 1992, started by Mark Roseman at the University of Calgary. Development had pretty much ceased by around 1998 when Mark moved onto other things, but was recently (2003) restarted.

The project is now hosted at SourceForge. You can find more information about it at .

Any other improvements in the 5.2 version, besides stubs support? -MDD

Changes are here [L1 ]... this was mostly a blow-the-dust-off release, we've got some ideas for deeper changes for later releases - MR

 What: GroupKit
 Description: GroupKit is a freely-available Tcl/Tk groupware toolkit used
        for developing real time conferencing applications, such as
        groupware drawing tools, editors, and meeting tools. It includes
        30 example groupware tools.
        Version 5.x is now available.  It supports Windows 95+, Mac OS X (via X11)
        and Unix/X11.
 Updated: 03/2003
 Contact: See web site

CMCc: I've been playing with groupkit 5.2 and tcl8.5 - I have a couple of questions/comments of a general nature. I like what I see, btw.

it's doing what comm does, is there a compelling reason for using rpc over comm, or comm over rpc? Might be nice to expose the underlying socket, to the extent that it'd then be possible to push handlers over the top (get compression, encryption, etc.)
distributed tree. Very cool. Can one insert procs into an environment, as elements? This would be nice because then one could map other data structures under it (e.g. arrays.)
I have no idea how you're doing peer distribution.
each node in a group needs a public IP address - perhaps there needs to be some kind of proxy server?
might be nice to map to arrays - this would make the thing completely transparent.
It's a very complex system, with lots of modules, hard to put it into a coherent model in my head ... pics would be nice :)

All in all, very cool. workplace was a previous groupware project by the people originally behind groupkit. Now, however, the commercial products are known as teamwave. BTW: I've got a Debian packaging thing going.