Grubby Little OO

This is a little OO system I'm using. Wanted something that would work across various EDA tools and versions (8.4/8.5/8.6) and without Itcl. Plus, I wanted composition and hierarchy to be "natural" just like nested namespaces. It does use the ugly "::" separator but some sugar could be added to remove that. I'm just moving from TCL noob to hack so I couldn't resist coming with with an amateur OO system. It's probably very similar to others I've seen on this site.

namespace eval gloo {
        namespace eval VAULT {
            variable GLOO_CODE {
                proc new { name {cargs ""} } {
                        set calling_ns [uplevel namespace current]
                        set instname "$calling_ns\::$name"
                        if {$calling_ns == "::"} { set instname "::$name" }
                        set new_code   "[set VAULT::GLOO_CODE]\n#==== CODE from : $instname ====#\n$cargs"
                        namespace eval $instname\::VAULT {}
                        set $instname\::VAULT::GLOO_CODE $new_code
                        namespace eval $instname $new_code
                        return $instname
        eval [set VAULT::GLOO_CODE]

   # Create a class
   gloo::new Toaster {
       variable crumbs 0
       proc toast {nslices} {
           puts -nonewline "[namespace current] is toasting $nslices slices"
           variable crumbs
           if {$crumbs > 50} {
               error "== FIRE! FIRE! =="
           set crumbs [expr $crumbs+4*$nslices]
           puts " and made $crumbs crumbs"
       proc clean {} {
           variable crumbs
           set crumbs 0

   # Can call methods on the class
   Toaster::toast 4

   # Create an instance 
   Toaster::new ToasterInst
   set ToasterInst::crumbs 3
   ToasterInst::toast 6
   # Extend a class.. Extending is the same as constructing, just that there's code
   # passed to the constructor to tack onto the class
   Toaster::new SmartToaster {

       rename toast super-toast
       proc toast {nslices} {
           variable crumbs
           if {$crumbs > 40} {
           return [super-toast $nslices]


   SmartToaster::toast 6

   SmartToaster::new SmartInst

   SmartInst::toast 7

   # Hierarchy is natural...
   gloo::new ToastMaster {
       Toaster::new foo
       SmartToaster::new bar

       proc toast {slices} { 
               foreach c [namespace children [namespace current]] {
                       catch {eval $c\::toast $slices}

   ToastMaster::foo::toast 5
   ToastMaster::bar::toast 6

   ToastMaster::toast 1