Harald Oehlmann

I live in Berlin, Germany.

Our company [L1 ] does programs for logistics and bar coding (barcode) and most programs are done using TCL.

My mission is to organize world logistics flow for medical [L2 ] and other [L3 ] branches complying to ISO standards.

You can send me messages in German, French, English and Spanish language to Harald dot Oehlmann at Elmicron dot de.

TCL actions:

TCL conference contributions:

  • [L6 ] Euro TCL2014: msgcat
  • [L7 ] Euro TCL2014: Windows Sockets
  • [L8 ] EuroTCL 2015: AndroWish
  • [L9 ] EuroTCL 2019: Androwish
  • Slides , video TCL & OpenACS 2022: image metadata

Pages I often need and thus have shortcuts here to find them ;-)

Shortcut on this wiki: HaO

Sourceforge/chat user name: oehhar

Windows SDKs

Since TDK, I used Windows Server 2003 SP1 SDK to compile TCL with VC6. I failed to compile the 8.6 starkit while I succeeded with 8.5. APN told me, that there is a newer release of the SDK, which succeeds. Now, I found:


which states that "Windows Server 2003 R2 Platform SDK" also supports VC6 and is 3 month younger than the upper. I suppose, this was the version recommended by APN. I will try it. Here is just the pointer for me.

Chat with APN today. He proposed to use the "Microsoft Platform SDK February 2003", which is even older what I used. And he has SP5 for VC6, where I have SP6. We concluded that all this is confusing and we will see later on.

Sample Application

Here is an application with a box mouving programming interface, where building blocks may be connected and program flows may be created from a toolbox of functional units.