Help - I am stuck in the Tcl'ers Wiki and I don't know what to do!

Purpose: to provide some basic instructions for those who haven't figured out how to use the Wiki.

There are help pages available here on the Tcler's Wiki. Read, for example, Welcome Visitors. Another useful one to check out Searching and bookmarking URLs on the Tcl'ers Wiki.

LV: July 10, 1999 JC, what other help pages are there? This might be a useful place to gather them .

LV: March 30,2001 - what a different 2 years make! Quite a few more help pages around the wiki these days. However, I'm not certain where to learn how to do this - how would I search for, say "what are the steps for submitting a bug in tk"? As far as I can tell, the search page defaults to searching the titles of pages. I can include a * on a word - but only that word gets searched within the body - not the rest, right?

Marty Backe: March 30, 2001 - This one's easy. Enclose your search phrase in double quotes, followed by '*?'. Example:"what are the steps for submitting a bug in tk"*?

JC: searches with "*" at the end of the request are performed in titles and bodies (abc* should not be interpreted as globbing).

That works fine if you know the name you are seeking. For instance, I wanted to look for all pages discussing database interfaces. So I typed"database inter"* and that works okay. However, if I select instead the Search link on this or other pages, then type "database inter"*, I get the error:


   Searched for ""database inter"" (in page titles and contents):
  • No matches found

JC - try this (the link doesn't come out right, include the space and the rest): inter*

... but I don't know why that gives a different result from this one:*

Csan: That's because '+' translates back into a SPACE for cgi scripts. Thus, using '+' instead of SPACES in case someone is looking for a multi-word pattern is the right way (That would still not be an ORed search tho...).