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This is a collaboratively-edited area on the web, dedicated to the Tcl programming language and its extensions, including the Tk graphical toolkit.

Since this site is collaboratively-edited, please feel free to to correct typos, edit code pages to improve code (make certain though that your changes are not breaking the code!), ask questions, add comments, and anything else you can think of! If you have pages that you don't want modified, feel free to host those on your own site and just add URLs here to them.

We need you to contribute to the Wiki - to comp.lang.tcl - to any other aspects of Tcl. Please join the adventure!


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Tcl Chatroom
the Tcl development community use a Jabber conference which is bridged to the #tcl channel on the FreeNode IRC network. The TkChat client is a cross-platform GUI client tied to this chat room.
the main usenet newsgroup for Tcl can be searched from Google . In the olden days, comp.lang.tcl.announce could also be used. However, it is currently defunct.
the official website for Tcl/Tk, providing source and binary downloads
hosts, among other important Tcl things, tclkit
houses a variety of ready-to-run starkits
hosts tclkits for a variety of platforms

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