Wolf Wejgaard has added a book structure of chapters, sections and units to the local version of Wikit, as proof of concept in a larger Holon project. HolonWikit is available for free use (OLL) as a starpack for windows at http://holonforth.com/tools/holonwikit.exe


Initially the preloaded wikit pages are in the first section of the first chapter, waiting to be moved to other places.

- Move items with Delete and Insert, Shift-Insert inserts below the current item. The items are stored on separate delete stacks for chapters, sections, and units. - Button New inserts a new page in the current list. Wikit [links] create new units. - Doubleclick nearly anywhere to open the editor. - Pages are saved also when you move on without expressly Save them, unless you hit Cancel. - There are context menus for printing an item as .txt (wikit markup) or converting the formats to .rtf. Actually this creates files for printing with an external editor, e.g. Wordpad.

Note: This is not a polished product but it works, I have used it as a personal notebook for a while. However, if you use it, take care: don't start it twice at the same time with the same database.

tb 2007-06-29 - Hehe! Browsers are coming back :) - I love browsers! What is an interpreter without a browser? A shell!