How to create your own page


This Help page explains how to create a new page


The most common way to create a new page is to edit a page that already exists, and add a link on that page to a new page that doesn't exist yet. If you don't know which existing page to start from, can use New Pages, where the wikignomes will try to find a home for it later:

  1. Read How to edit these wiki pages for information on the first step
  2. Insert at a convenient place the title for your page, surrounded with the [ and ] characters. Don't use leading or trailing spaces, and preferably don't use multiple spaces inside the brackets. Also, shorter names are easier for other people to use than longer ones. Finally, once a page title is specified and the rest of these steps are followed, a page in the wiki is reserved forever; so check spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. before saving the modified page.
  3. Save the page.
  4. The page you just edited will be displayed and you will see the [ and the ] characters, possibly in the color blue, surrounding the new page name you justt typed. Click on either character and you will be taken to the new page, where you can click the "edit" link in the left column, and begin editing the page.
  5. Read Formatting Rules and Help for information on how to get nicely formatted text.