How to edit these wiki pages


How to edit Wiki pages. For more information, see Help


First, to test things out, best to practice at the Graffiti so that your experiments to get stored for the eternities :)

  1. Navigate to the page you would like to edit.
  2. Click the "edit" link in the left column. You will be presented an edit form.
  3. Make the desired changes, applying the Formatting Rules
  4. When finished, click the Save button at the bottom of the new page
  5. The page will be displayed again and the new edits should be in place

Some tips:

  • People appreciate it if you sign the changes you make and add the date.
  • Use the <<categories>> macro to add a list of categories at the bottom of the page
  • A full history of changes is maintained, so if something goes horribly wrong it is still fixable.

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