How to repair Wiki damage

From time to time Wiki pages get damaged: a mistake while editing, a spammer, ... How to fix this? Smaller damage is easily recovered from by editing the page. Large scale damage is most easily undone like this:

  1. Open the damaged page in two different browser windows or tabs.
  2. In one tab/window, click on the History link.
  3. In the history, search for the version of the page you want to revert to
  4. Still in the history, click on the WikiText link (right-most column of the history table) of the version you want to restore to. This will show the markup of that version.
  5. In the other tab/window click on the Edit link.
  6. On the edit page, remove all the contents.
  7. Select all markup in the first tab/window and copy it to the edit tab/window.
  8. Save the page.
  9. Done!