ddg The pages from Maurice disappear, all the nice stuff is gone. Does anyone still has the code for his nice Hugelist package?

RT 27Sep2009 - I've uploaded two of the package zip files here.

AK See also below, in the wiki's half-bakery.

DDG Got it by email and from RT, thanks. did not work for the Zip-files, only for the documentation.

ulis a(Huge)ListBox is a pure Tcl megawidget that is a direct replacement for the Tk 8.4 listbox.

ulis hugelist image

It adds functionalities as:

  • alternate color for even lines,
  • each item can change its image, its left offset, its font.

So it's possible to display lists with radio buttons, check boxes, hierachical views, files trees, the list of the fonts with its own font...

But its main interest is to accept a huge set of items without time or memory penalty (with 1,000,000 items it's 1,000 times faster to load, scroll or resize than the standard listbox).

doc & dowload:

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