Maurice Bredelet, whose great heart gave eternal pause on 2008-02-13

Phil But Maurice (Ulis) was a brilliant Tcl-Tk programmer who remains very much alive in our hearts and in our minds. His collection of work will always remain as a monument to his genius. He was indeed a genius in terms of the programming of animation and graphics. Ulis was to France what our own Richard Suchenwirth is to Germany: One of his country's best and most dedicated Tcl-Tk programmmers. A gem.

If there ever was an irreplacable man, Maurice is that man.

We miss him a lot and wherever he is, we want him to know that we'll never forget him. As long as we live and we will always cherish his legacy and influence.

Merci Maurice et à la prochaine!

Started pages

All the published code uses a NOL licence : No Obligation Licence. For you, as for me. :^)

Home site

http://wfr.tcl.tk/fichiers/ulis/glider2.gif ulis' Tcl code -> [L1 ] <- Le code Tcl de ulis (this is a copy of ulis original website)


Ses poemes se trouvent a [L2 ] (this is also a copy of ulis poems website)

mailto:[email protected] (as appears later on this page, this Tcl developer died in 2008. Apparently the web presence is beginning to shrink.)

Salut Ulys,

Excuse mon clavier. Il s'est anglicise et il a perdu tous ses accents ce traitre, ce vendu! lol

Je decouvre que tu ecris des poemes. Je vais tous les lire demain. C'est etonnant quand meme ce que tu as ecrit: "ces poemes donnent un sens a ma vie". C'est ca ecrire et creer dans le fond; c'est donner un sens a sa vie! Ou l'inverse parfois: c'est sa vie qui donne un sens a ses poemes!

Merci pour ton intervention t'as ete tres sympa et vive la francophonie. A+ unperson

unperson Bon la je vais les lire les poemes. Je suis plus dans un etat d'esprit pour la poesie qu'il y a un mois! :-) Lis mon message au bas de ma page. Ca t'interesse? A+

GPS: Thank you for sharing your image processing/manipulation code on the Wiki. :)

FW: This is an interesting place to put this, but I will for now, since maybe it'll go somewhere else eventually for others. If you use the backslash method to get the opening brace of an argument on the next line for attractiveness, i.e.

  if {$a == "b"} \
    puts "yep"

that's all well and good, but just FYI you don't need that backslash to separate switch conditions. In your code, you use formatting like this:

  switch -- $a {
    $b \
      puts "yep"

But that'll work just fine without the backslash, because [switch] treats newlines between each of the items like any other whitespace.

ulis: Indeed you're true, but I add this backslash to highlight the link beetween the value and the associated script. It's a quirk ;^)

HJG Sorry - it looks like this page is the only trace left from your homepage: http://wfr.tcl.tk/fichiers/ulis/

peterc Hi ulis. Thanks for the excellent scrolledframe widget. With only minor modifications (and some recent texture colour name support added at some point between Tk 8.4.15-17), it's now able to provide a scrolling Pinstripe frame on the Mac without any texture misalignment :). I'll be including this slightly altered scrolled frame in the TclMacBag collection: http://tclmacbag.autons.net/docs/scrollframe.phtml

Kroc Maurice left us for a (supposed) better world on 13 Feb. 2008. You can post a message for him and/or his family on his French wiki page: http://wfr.tcl.tk/ulis or on fr.comp.lang.tcl [L3 ].

Goodbye my friend.

stevel Sad news indeed. Kroc, I'm sure all of the non-French speaking Tclers would appreciate you posting a message of condolence on behalf of the Tcl community

Kroc Feel free to do it there in english: I gave the link to this page to his family.