Hypnotoad commands you to: STEAL THIS IDEA.

Hypnotoad is a recurring character in the Futurama cartoon. He was introduced to the Tcl community in SDW's infamous Tcl Architecture of Objects presentation.


DKF: For my money, the hypnotoad presentation was by far the best of the Thirteenth Annual Tcl/Tk Conference, not because it was the fullest of information but rather because it was fun and interesting. If only more presentations (especially ones I encounter in my day job) were this good! Michael Cleverly has a nice writeup of this presentation here [L1 ].

stevel: For those who use MacOS X there's a Hypnotoad Dashboard Widget at http://www.dashboardwidgets.com/showcase/details.php?wid=616 (it also makes a good example if you want to see how a Dashboard widget is constructed ... html, javascript, css + images)

SDW: The Powerpoint itself is here [L2 ]. At some point over a few drinks I'll have to re-do the voiceover and toss the presentation onto youtube.

Also a Tcl'ers Chat nickname for SDW.

wdb Ladies and Gentlemen. Allow me to emphasize that it is a pleasure and an honour for me to reside in the honourable circles of Hypnotoad and the Tcl/Tkers. Yessum.